Robin Hood Energy announces sale to British Gas

Today our energy supply partner, Robin Hood Energy has announced that it is being sold to British Gas. As a result of the sale all White Rose Energy customers will be migrated over to Britsh Gas.

British gas have promised to honour the current prices that our customers are currently enjoying.

Answers for our customers

Visit the Robin Hood Energy FAQ page


We're not-for-profit

Set up by Leeds City Council, our aim is to supply fair and competitively priced energy to households across the Yorkshire and Humber region. Any small margins that are generated – once the costs of running the scheme are covered – will be reinvested into initiatives to reduce fuel poverty.


Our model is unique

We work in partnership with Robin Hood Energy, through an endorsement, that is formalised under a contract. Our agreement means that our tariff prices must always stay consistently low and our customer service levels have to be of a very high quality.


We’re here to help

We will be sympathetic if you run into financial problems - alert us early on so we can help to support you. We also want to give customers the power to come off Pay-As-You-Go style arrangements wherever possible as PAYG customers pay the most per unit of energy but are often some of those people who are least able to afford it.


We’ll make you the focal point of everything we do

We’ll also try to go beyond our core business of providing energy and will actually encourage you to use less of what we sell to you! We’ll do this by giving you practical energy savings tips so that you’re not wasting your hard earned cash.