Energy saving advice

We'll help your business to save energy

Organisations could make energy savings of up to 10 to 20% by using some basic low or no-cost energy efficiency measures. With a little bit of investment, even greater savings can be made.

At White Rose Energy we're committed to helping organisations to become more energy efficient. We’ve developed a set of energy efficiency tips to help your organisation reduce its energy costs and ultimately to save you money on your energy bills.

Energy saving for SMEs & Charities

  • Switch off lights in unoccupied rooms and/ or install sensors. This could lead to a reduction in lighting use, when installed properly. Use movement detectors to control lighting in toilets, meeting rooms, and other areas that are not in constant use.
  • Open the blinds, let the sun shine in, and switch off the lights.
  • Try retrofitting lamps if possible. Full lighting refits – based on LED technology – are more expensive than retrofits but these will pay for themselves over several years and thereafter, the savings will be significant.
  • Always try to use low-energy light bulbs, preferably LEDs.
  • Replace standard fluorescent tubes with slim-line tubes, such as T5 models, if LED lighting is too costly.If you can afford it, replace the kettle or boiler with an instant boiling water dispenser.
  • Fridges shouldn’t be freezing; set them at an adequate temperature – around 5oC.
  • Try to make sure drinks machines are off overnight and at weekends.
  • Make sure all office equipment – e.g. printers, photocopiers, faxes, displays, computers, TVs, and projectors – are set to energy saver mode. Where possible put simple timers onto plugs to make it easier to switch things off overnight,at weekends, and during holidays. Items like chargers can also all be switched off when not in use.
  • Put one person in charge of having access to heating controls and ensure that rooms are not heated excessively.
  • Nominate an energy lead within your organisation and work closely with them. Some organisations have heating policies which state what the temperature and time settings are for heating & cooling.
  • Air conditioning should set between 19 and 24°C as this will offer a good medium temperature and will prevent constant cycling of heating and cooling!

We’re keen to help our non-domestic customers become more energy efficient so they have lower bills to pay. White Rose Energy will always offer you the cheapest tariffs and best energy saving advice to keep your bills lower.

Visit the Carbon Trust to get more information and tips.