About us

Serving Yorkshire & 'doing' energy differently

White Rose Energy is a contractual partnership between Leeds City Council (LCC) and Robin Hood Energy, a not-for-profit energy company that the council chose to endorse, through a competitive process. Bradford Council and Calderdale Council also partner with LCC to help deliver the White Rose Energy initiative. Collectively, we’re driven by the same social motive, which is to provide low cost energy to all households, with pricing that’s fair and transparent. This shared mission drives everything that we do.

At White Rose Energy we believe that people across Yorkshire deserve a better type of energy company. Our tariffs are open to all and we serve the interests of every one of our customers but we are particularly keen to provide fairer tariffs to prepayment (pay-as-you-go) customers who have traditionally been poorly served by the energy market.

We aim to offer energy tariffs that are both easy to understand and stable over the long-term, so that customers are not hit with sudden, unexpected cost increases later down the line. Our main ambition is to help people to stay warm and comfortable in their own homes, without breaking the bank. We also recognise that switching energy providers should be easy and for that reason we try to make it as simple as possible to switch to us.

Whether you live in Leeds or anywhere else in Yorkshire you can trust the White Rose Energy partners to work closely with Robin Hood Energy to provide competitively priced tariffs alongside high quality customer service. You can have confidence in our promise to you because we are holding them to a contract that's based on performance. Thankfully, the White Rose Energy partners and Robin Hood Energy both want the same things! That’s why our partnership puts us in a unique position to help every household in Yorkshire to potentially save money on their bills.

White Rose Energy…for you, not profit.